Quality Policy

Bell Foods is committed to provide products with highest quality and safety standards...

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Mission & Vision

Bell Foods mission is to procure high quality raw materials from the source across India and its neighbouring coasts,

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​​Frozen Seafood Products Healthier & Sustainable

Bell Foods is specialized in supplying frozen Shrimps, Cuttle Fish,
Crabs, Squid, Grouper Fish, Octopus, Vannamie and a range
of processed seafoods for distribution in India and
export to other countries worldwide..
BELL Seafood has the expertise in buying superior quality raw fish.....

Our products

Products are hygienically packed in polythene bags and then in Regi form boxes. ....

Shrimps (Fresh Water)

​​frozen seafood products
with ice in thermocol boxes

Cuttlefish Whole

The fish is washed and packed
in hygienic environment.

Squid Whole

There is no additives added
to the fish and it is 100%

Shrimps (Wild Catch)

The products has a shelf life
of 2 years while stored
at –20 Degree Celsius

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